Financial Advisors and Body Language

Have you ever heard the story of the millionaire financial advisors whose clients didn’t trust them? Me neither!  Trust is a critical part of getting more clients as a financial advisor.

There are a ton of variables in the process of building a relationship with clients in the financial service sector, but none come close to the importance of trust. 


Becoming a Better Financial Advisor with the 80/20 Rule

Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist in 1896 found that around 80% of effects come from 20% of causes.  Meaning that out of all the things you do only a handful (20%) attribute the most to results.  Why not focus on the top 20% of activity that brings in the most results? Building trust is priority number one if you are working directly with clients in the financial service sector.

We help financial advisors win clients and I hear this issue a lot, “I feel invisible.” Financial advisors struggle to get the attention of their clients.  Clients simply don’t want to pay attention and aren’t sold with products or lifestyles the financial advisor is pitching. We have a set of tactics unique to our client’s situation to help them instill a sense of trust and confidence to not only win clients over but to be sought out by new clients.


How to Use Body Language as a Financial Advisor

One of the keys to trust is body language cues. It’s not all about professional image and branding. In fact, many of our clients have completely overlooked body language indicators. 

 A study by Platz and Kopiez, confirms that your entrance is incredibly important to that interaction. In this study, researchers looked at the entrance of violinists and found that concertgoers first impressions happen the moment they see them enter. If we can command how we enter a room, we will have a better shot at building a trusting relationship with our clients. Subtle non-verbal communication techniques can be used to effectively build trust.


How to Better Connect with Potential Clients

The world is more connected electronically than ever, yet we are still struggling to make a true connection with clients, colleagues, and family. One hidden key to success in this business is the idea of being likable to your clients. Did you know that there are certain factors that can be taught to make you more likable?  Be it how you ask a question, tilt your head or the sway of your body, we can learn to communicate more authentically to become more likable.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy did several studies on posture.  Not just in the sense of standing straight but in open or closed body poses.  Her study focused on internal changes.  How you hold yourself influences hormones and other chemicals.  Holding open body poses can improve your confidence in as little as a few seconds by releasing testosterone compared to closed defensive positions like crossed arms which releases a stress response in the body.  Body language has a profound effect internally as well as externally.


Get More Financial Clients with Non-Verbal Communication

Learning body language is an unspoken form of communication. It reveals our true intentions and can either attract new clients or repeal them. They are read subconsciously and are universal in most situations.

Making a confident first impression is 80% of the reason you close a client. Clients want to see a relaxed confident financial advisor that is genuinely interested in them and clearly wants to help. 

Working in any customer related field takes interpersonal skills, but in the finical sector, customers need to trust you with their hard-earned money. Often, they are coming to you because they don’t even trust themselves with it. You need to be superman/woman to win a client over as a finical advisor and we are here to help!


Winning Clients

A new customer is coming to you because of something they can’t do for themselves. How are you going to confidently approach the situation, build trust and have that client signing on to your services?  Communicating that with the client goes far beyond words and exchanging information. Tone and body language make up that critical 20% of activity that will bring in 80% of your results. 

According to the Albert Mehrabian Study, people trust tone and gestures over words. Especially in this day and age where social media and news has weakened the impact of words. The study found that only 7% of influence came from words. That’s amazing.   

If you aren’t up to speed with body language, tone and building trust your throwing out 93% of your ability to influence. Ready to maximize your financial advisor skills?

Our program helps with the following:

•    Creating killer first impressions

•    Powerful elevator pitches

•    Decoding the face

•    Confident body language

•    The art of networking

•    How to sell

•    Human lie detection

•    Nonverbal branding

•    Body language in business

•    Negotiation nonverbal

Want to learn more about how scientifically backed body language training can help your team today? Reach out and schedule a discovery call.   Improve your financial advisor skills today! 

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