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At Authentic Influence Group, I help teams, executives and professionals learn how to use subtle, authentic communication methods to illuminate their message . I am a certified body language trainer and speaker, in addition to being certified by the Science of People, a human behavior research lab in Portland, Oregon.

With over 20 years of experience as a proven leader in the public policy arena, I’ve gathered experience and expertise in government relations, public policy, lobbying, grassroots advocacy, legislative and regulatory processes, and policy maker engagement. Within that experience, I’d noticed that some of the brightest people I knew weren’t making the impact they could. It didn’t matter what words were coming out of their mouths, because the authentic influence of subtleties like body language were speaking for them. 

I noticed this first hand after one of my first body language classes. I completed training the night before I went to the state capitol for a volunteer lobbying opportunity. I was with a team and was immediately impacted by what I learned. Not only was my confidence much higher, but I could now clearly see body language exhibited by everyone in the room - from the initial nervous body language behaviors to the way everyone’s body language positively shifted as a result of a certain charismatic legislator.

I knew then that I wanted to energize people like that legislator, and I wanted to train others to do the same thing.

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Shelly’s presentation was really eye opening! As much as we all think we know our body language, Shelly demonstrated subtle examples that reflect our mood or thoughts in different situations. Her examples can help anyone at any level better understand what they are conveying whether they mean to or not. Shelly presented at our team meeting and everyone walked away with some great insights and awareness about their body language and what its conveying to the observer. Highly recommend her program for any level in the organization!