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Creating Killer First Impressions

Within moments of seeing someone you have already made your first impression! Learn some science-based facts about making that first impression count. Uncover hidden secrets to a great first impression for an interview, a pitch to investors, or a date. You’ll enjoy this training on how to make an incredible first impression.

Powerful Elevator Pitches

You walk into the room - ready to make the pitch to your investor. Ready to leave them wanting you for that awesome job but it falls flat!  What happened? You rehearsed everything and had the perfect answers.  Without the right non-verbal communication cues much of what you said wasn’t heard.

The passion you so eloquently conveyed to your dog wasn’t communicated the next day in the pitch or the interview. Let ITM show you how to unlock your non-verbals to communicate effectively and win that pitch or interview! 

Decoding the Face

Did you realize that often the reason you feel you like someone initially can be linked to their face? It may be the fact that they made a quick micro expression while you were giving each other that first impression. Want to learn how to read faces and decode those quick expressions? Learn how to decode facial expressions and unlock the secret to becoming more intuitive.

Confident Body Language

Did you know that our body language tells a lot about how confident we feel? Learn how to demonstrate confident body language so that others see you as confident and in charge of your destiny!

The Art of Networking

A skill we are typically not taught in high school or even college. It is yet one of the most important skills you will learn in business. Learn some body language basics to networking successfully and become the most memorable person in the room.

How to Sell

Sales… Sales… Sales… Did you ever notice some people are natural salespeople? Is it a learned skill or innate? Learn some fascinating science behind how to sell anything to anyone and turn your business into a sales machine.

Human Lie Detection

We all do it! Whether it is a white lie or a massive colossal lie - everyone lies.  This is one of our most advanced trainings and can be linked to body language training for an interesting and informative talk on how to spot lies. 

Nonverbal Branding

Did you ever notice that some people or companies seem to have a non-verbal brand? Our current president comes to mind as having a non-verbal brand. If you are interested in exploring this topic in more detail book ITM to uncover how to make non-verbal branding work for you.

Body Language in Business

In business school we learn all the tenets to successfully build a business and nothing about how body language can play into every business interaction. Learning body language can change the way you do business.

Negotiation Nonverbal

While negotiations are highly sensitive to what we say, more importantly they are highly sensitive to how we say it! Learn some tricks with body language, tone and ornaments (what we wear, how we do our hair etc) to help you decode your negotiator and how to up your game.


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